Noam Chomsky

although not primarily a journalist, he is a very important investigator and his popularity has risen dramatically thanks to the avenues provided by the internet. The more I read and hear about this man, the more I am an avid follower of his research, writings and general opinions. He does not avoid constantly questioning the status quo. Why, where, when, how etc. are all questions he endlessly researches in to events and decisions which have defined our generation.

His main specialties are those two powerhouses, politics and media. In his book Manufacturing Consent he describes some infuriating abuses of power and the subsequent ineptitude of the media to report these abuses.

He appears to me to have very well-rounded opinions on everything. The greatest chapter in this book is where he describes the spin provided during the Vietnam War. Chomsky tells the readers how the American government provided information on the war, statistics and logistics, which were completely false.

Richard Nixon, the infamous president of the time, completely lied when giving the number available estimate of casualties and the frequency of bombing aimed at neighbouring Laos and Cambodia. The media at the time reported these as fact to the public; with little or no room for investigation.

Noam Chomsky gives an example of the philosophy behind political spin in ‘Manufacturing Consent’: “Walter Lippmann described what he called “the manufacture of consent” as “a revolution” in “the practice of democracy” And he said this was useful and necessary because “the common interests” – the general concerns of all people – “elude” the public. The public just isn’t up to dealing with them. And they have to be the domain of what he called a “specialized class”… But because of the stupidity of the average man, he follows not reason, but faith. And this naive faith requires necessary illusion, and emotionally potent oversimplifications, which are provided by the myth-maker to keep the ordinary person on course”

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